High School Programs

Tutoring Programs

Breakfast: Athletic Study Sessionbreakfast_study

Athletes attend daily team study sessions aimed at keeping all student athletes eligible to
participate in sports and increase academic achievement. A hot breakfast is offered daily.

High School ProgramsReading Olympics

A team of students collaborate to read 40-50 books that have been selected for a county wide reading competition. Teams compete for points during intense question and answer sessions designed to test reading comprehension.

Reading for Success Club

This club is for 9th and 10th grade girls who love to read, and want to succeed. Students will concentrate on reading great literature of all time periods.

Leadership Skills Development

High School Service Club

Students give back and learn the value of volunteerism and service to their community by participating in community service projects throughout the school district and Borough of Morrisville.

High School Teen Mentoring Program

Students work with a mentor/advisor to address teen issues, learn prevention strategies, and conflict resolution. Students also learn skill sets to set and work towards short term and long term goals.

MAC (Morrisville Achievers Club)

Morrisvile Achievers Club

This leadership development program promotes unity and pride, in self, and in school.

Teen Club

Teen ClubPrograms and discussions for teen boys and girlsadjusting to life as an African-American teenager
The mission of the MAC is to encourage students to become leaders by building on the concepts of organization, integrity and in today’s society. There are community service opportunities and attendance at the Keep it Real Teen Conference.


Truancy Modification Program

A behavior modification program designed for students and their parents. Students learn the importance of accountability for their actions, and develop the skills necessary to begin making better choices, and setting positive goals.