Tutoring Mentoring Programs

Enrichment and Tutoring Programs K-12

Young learners, teens and your high school students in our lower Bucks County High School Student Tutoring Programs community can work in small groups and one-on-one with our volunteers. Homework Zone is our most popular afterschool tutoring program for homework help. The PSSA breakfast gets students ready for  the standardized testing, SAT preparation classes are available for high school students and the Catch program teaches your kids about the importance of a healthy diet. The summer months are filled with great activities designed to engage and stimulate active minds in wholesome ways. You will also find great leadership development programs in both the winter and summer months.

Need a Tutor in Math, Reading, History?

All Need a Tutor in Math, Reading, History?of our math tutors and reading specialists are highly trained educators or student teachers that have decided to give back to the community by teaching your kids. Your child’s specific tutor will attempt to prepare your kids to become better individual learners so that they will eventually gain the skills needed for success in school.


Youth Mentoring Programs in Morrisville

Most Youth Mentoring Programs in Morrisvilleof our mentoring efforts fall into the enrichment activities we provide children. Theater workshops and leadership programs during the summer for example present your kids opportunities to network with responsible business professionals and accomplished actors. During these interactions, students are encouraged to contribute in a positive way. Our high school mentoring program teaches conflict resolution and how to establish goals and a vision for the future.