Summer Programs

Summer Programs

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Summer Tutoring Programs



The purpose of this program is to maximize academic retention during the summer months. Campers participate in a half day of academics, and a half day sports. Students are exposed to educational, cultural, and recreational field trips and activities constantly reinforcing academic achievement while providing fun physical activities. There are built in measurement tools to evaluate the success of the academics and the value of the multicultural experiences. Another outcome of this program is to promote social growth and an appreciation for diversity.

Down Stage Dance CampDown Stage Dance Camp

In preparation for Actors’ Net Summer Stars Camp, students learn hip hop, swing, salsa, and tap. Students practice techniques for warm up, yoga, and Pilates. This program gets students in tune with their bodies and builds self-esteem while learning to follow directions that will enhance their ability to set and achieve goals.


Actors’ Net Summer Stars CampActors’ Net Summer Stars Camp

Students work with instructors to learn acting, singing and dance. At the conclusion of camp, students perform a full length original production and feel the pride of accomplishing a previously set goal. By participating in this program they expand their vocabulary, develop comprehension skills, learn to speak effectively while working in teams and developing trusting relationships working as a group.



Leadership Development Programs


Pennsylvania Free Enterprise WeekPennsylvania Free Enterprise Week

This week-long program is designed for high school sophomores and juniors to learn about career opportunities and specific roles in the business world. Students work as teams to create a virtual company, product, and business and marketing plan. The outcomes are measured by a software database and experienced experts in the business world. Students must apply for acceptance to this highly competitive program as slots are filled by students throughout the state of Pennsylvania.


LBCCC_leadershipLower Bucks Chamber Leadership Program

A leadership and community awareness program designed for students to learn about various leadership styles through experiential learning and self-discovery. There are group tours of various businesses to expose the participants to a multitude of industries and leadership styles. The students also learn life skills and career options through team building exercises and group dynamics. Students also work on written language skills through daily essays and hone their presentation skills by participating in a graduation project.

Credit Recovery Summer Program

Students who have failed math or English courses during the school year are provided an opportunity to participate in this program in order to replace lost credits. This program uses technology as a tool but requires direct student and teacher interaction to develop relationships and promote life-long learning. This is accomplished through a combination of face-to-face meetings with certified teachers and online instruction.

Reading Enrichment Program

A reading comprehension and retention program designed to engage students in summer reading assignments. This program develops a basic appreciation and excitement of opening doors of creativity and discovery through reading.

Environment Club/Waste Management Summer Program

Through a joint venture of Wheelabrator Falls, a Waste Management company, and the 21st Century Environmental Club, students learn to appreciate the world of nature that exists around them through environmental discovery, understanding the importance of the balance of nature and the value of volunteerism. Students work on a variety of tasks in order to sustain a wildlife preserve certification for a specific site, including maintaining a Monarch Way-station butterfly garden, learning the science of compost management, native, non-native and invasive species of trees and plants and other environmentally friendly skill sets.

Seed to Fork ExperienceSeed to Fork Experience

Through a partnership with Snipes Farm, high school students learn basic agriculture from planting seeds, to tending crops and harvesting fruits and vegetables. Included in the project is the planning and execution of an interactive flower and vegetable garden and using natural ingredients to cook delicious farm fresh food. Participants will also be exposed to all aspects of career opportunities that support agriculture, including an appreciation for the care and value of farm animals.


This SAT/ACT course is an intense program designed to prepare students for SAT and ACT testing. Students who complete this program consistently score higher on the Pennsylvania learning assessment tests.

Musical Theater Workshop

Students work on all aspects of a musical production from start to finish while building self-confidence, learning teamwork and enhancing their reading and memorization skills. They work towards achieving the goal which is the final production that will be performed for family, friends, and community members.

Television and Commercials

Students will learn the many facets of TV production including techniques in communication, media, public speaking, acting, and much more. This well designed program will help students learn effective public speaking, persuasive presentation skills and self-confidence. They will also have exposure to the various career opportunities in media.


Students learn the importance of physical activity for the mind and body with this specially designed exercise class. They will discover control of movement and listening to their bodies. This exercise program encourages healthy choices and appreciation for physical activity while having fun.

Creative Theater

In partnership with Downstage Center Studio, creativity is unleashed while students learn self-expression, develop self-esteem and self-confidence through learning the fundamentals of theater performance, memorization and working in groups.

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